Welcome dear readers,

So I decided to write a blog. Why? You might wonder. Is it really necessary to share your inner thoughts with strangers on the net? Well, no, of course not. But it sure is fun to write about things or people who inspire you. I feel the urge to collect memories of books I’ve read, music I’ve listened to, art I enjoyed, plays & movies I’ve watched, people I have run into or read about, etc. that have made me happy and have inspired me.  Like most people I tend to forget about things that I actually don’t want to forget about and this blog will be my way to carefully gather my memories and put them in digital boxes. But – of course – I also want to share these cultural discoveries that I so desperately want to remember or obsessions that I have picked up during the years with you (meaning: I demand that you will get to know these things and learn to love them!).

I hold a bachelor’s degree in English, Theatre, Film  and Literature Studies and am in the midst of writing a master’s thesis in order to get my master’s degree in Theatre and Film studies. Next year I will enroll in the master’s degree program of Journalism and I’m very much looking forward to it (That’s what I am saying now. Wait until the exams start: I’ll be a whining little mess). Most of the time I live in a small village in Belgium – also known as “The Country that’s never Dry” – with my parents, but I also have a studio in Antwerp, where I study. I’m truly sorry if you’re annoyed by the amount of indents and brackets I use, but I can’t help myself. I just love them!

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with you and please don’t be hesitant to share your opinions with me as well! I’m always looking for new things to obsess about.

Yours Truly,


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