David Hamilton: art or pornography?

David Hamilton, born in 1933, is a controversial photographer and film maker who is famous for portraying young girls in nostalgic settings with a soft focus. Most of the young girls he shoots are nude or semi-nude which is why he has been accused of making child pornography instead of art. I believe this controversy mainly started because of some pedophile scandals which rightly upset and worried a lot of people. I’m still making up my mind about these photographs, and I must say that his pictures with clothed girls are  my favourites so far. But I do not believe we should link these pictures, which are quite innocent and extremely beautiful, with pedophily or perversities. These pictures remind me of a long lost paradise where everyone is happy, young and innocent. Hamilton has inspired a lot of fashion designers, fellow photographers and film directors who have adopted this thirst for nostalgia in their work. What do you think about it? Perverse or Beautiful?

One thought on “David Hamilton: art or pornography?

  1. Since I’m not easily disgusted or alarmed by photographs (I mean, isn’t art always supposed to shock in a way?), I’m definitely leaning towards beautiful. I especially like the first photograph (i.e., the one with the dove). Thank you for making David Hamilton a dot on my radar :).

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