Working 9 to 5? Rather not…

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I’m afraid I’m not very interested in working – in the strict sense of the word. Not because I’m extremely lazy or anything, but you know… There are so much things I want to do, which don’t involve sitting behind a desk and I need TIME to do these things. I want my days to be filled with: Reading a LOT of books, watching a LOT of movies, going to the theatre OFTEN, learning how to play the guitar better (I only know 5 chords, and I have found out that that isn’t enough), learning new languages (Swedish and Spanish are at the top of my list), decorating my house, baking cakes, travelling the world, meeting up with loved ones, learning how to drive a car (I NEED a mustang and a hippie van), swimming in the sea, having lots of children (so I can read them stories, dress them up, play with them in the yard, …), hosting candle light dinners (watch out Mrs. Bouquet), writing novels, making movies, visiting castles, building tree houses, singing until someone politely asks me to stop, discovering new bands (who can write the soundtrack for my movie), grow my own peonies, vegetables and fruits, learning how to sew (on a higher level than shortening trousers), fighting poverty and global warming, having my own magazine, bookshop and tea/cupcake house (is this considered working?), dancing until sunrise, shopping, going to musea, sailing around the world, inventing the best fitting bra ever, inventing the best fitting bikini ever, going to concerts a LOT, watching series, building igloos, talking a LOT to my friends and boyfriend about interesting things, going on road trips, wearing silk nightgowns during the day, learning more about world history, etc.

So you see, there isn’t a lot of time left for work. Unless I can somehow combine all these things and make a living with it. That would be awesome. As long as I’m a student I can find the time to do at least some of these things, so hooray for an extra year of studying! I’m curious about what future might bring. Let’s hope for a lovely job, which gives me the chance to experience as much of the things on my list as possible.

What are your wishes for the future?

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