I <3 Vimeo: Dark side of the lens

So, Vimeo is great right? You can find the most amazing things there. Like for example this award winning short film:


The Irish photographer and surfer, Mickey Smith, has made an incredible autobiographical short film about life behind the lens while your shooting the waves. He is the narrator of his film – pretty awesome celtic accent – and has also made the soundtrack. Smith uses his camera as both a  pen and a set of eyes: extremely personal, illustrative and poetic. About being in the water and riding the waves he says : “This is where my heart beats hardest”. And that’s exactly what happens when you watch this video, your heart starts beating faster. I myself am not particularly keen on kicks (I’m even scared of dolphins), but I love sublime landscapes such as the ocean and I can understand why surfing feels great. He has dedicated this film to his sister, Cherry, who has passed away. She was always very supportive of him and curious about his life style. So, this film is also a bit of an in memoriam for his sister and a gift to his nephews.

You might also know Mickey from the music video’s he has made for the wonderful Ben Howard:



BBC did a short documentary about Mickey:

I hope you all enjoy these wonderful pictures and films even though you might not be as in to surfing as Mickey and his friends are.

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