Kyla La Grange: an interesting, witchlike songbird

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Kyla La Grange is a cute little blonde witchlike English singer songwriter with some haunting songs. This up-and-coming songstress is perfect for when you’re feeling a bit dramatic. Listen to her raspy and high pitched voice, kick out your shoes, put on your gown, let your hair loose and enjoy this talented girl.

Kyla La Grange – Vampire Smile

Baby you need to leave,
cause I’m getting drunk on your noble deeds.
It doesn’t matter that they don’t get done,
when I feel this cold they’re like the fucking sun.
Baby I need a friend,
but I’m a vampire smile, you’ll meet a sticky end.
I’m here trying not to bite your neck,
but it’s beautiful and I’m gonna get…

…so drunk on you and kill your friends.
You’ll need me and we can be obsessed.
And I can touch your hair and taste your skin,
the ghosts won’t matter ’cause we’ll hide in sin.
Oh oooo…

Baby you have a choice,
cause you burn my ears with your magic voice.
I’m a paper doll, you can tear me up,
We’ll be the broken lovers with the poison cup.
And we’ll draw in breaths like we don’t have air,
Oh god, look at me, don’t you ever care…
that I’m dying in the cupboard underneath the stairs?
Steps stamp on above my head.

Baby you’re cruel to me,
but you see I love it when you make me plead.
I want a scar that looks just like you,
’till then I gotta learn to be a wiser fool.

Baby you need to leave,
and I know you know…
that’s why you keep ignoring me…
because if you don’t,
gonna run me down, let myself go…

The impending drums at the beginning are a warning for the hypnotizing power of this song. Kyla sings about an obsessive and masochistic love and she’d rather be scarred by this love, than give up. Don’t we all know this feeling? People have always been drawn to the destroying power of love. It will destroy her lover and his friendships, but it will also wreck herself. The object of her love knows she’s trouble, and chooses to ignore her. The metaphor of a vampire to describe a lovesick woman isn’t new, but extremely fitting nonetheless. I’m always drawn to songs like this. Maybe because I love hearing about other people’s obsessions? I hope she’ll be performing in Belgium soon so my friends and I can join her cult.

Some other Kyla songs worth listening to

Kyla is cool (and worried about Global Warming)

She has also done some great great great Mahogany sessions

This is what she sounded like at the Servant Jazz Quarters

I hope you will all enjoy her melodies and dramatic style as much as I do.

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