Yikes, Bikeshorts!

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This trend has been “hot” for quite some time now, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Why would you want to wear tight shorts – usually bicycle shorts – underneath denim shorts ? It looks utterly ridiculous, even if you’re actually ON a bike. In which world is this flattering? Yes, in the eighties and nineties this was what people wore. But take a minute to think about some other eighties/nineties trends and why we don’t wear them anymore… (some people do, but that is their cross to bear). Exactly, we don’t wear them because they’re UGLY. When I see a fashion picture or just some girl in the street wearing two shorts on top of each other, I always think their shapewear is showing, and that can’t be their intention (right?). There is also a variation with a skirt or a dress. I would never wear it myself, but I do feel as if this is slightly less worse than the shorts on shorts version. Once again: fashion isn’t the bible, you shouldn’t always wear what they tell you to wear!

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