Dance me to the end of the summer (slowly)

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Yesterday we went to our graduation party at the Antwerp Zoo. It was called Adream and that is exactly what it looked like. All the hosts and hostesses were dressed up like stylish gents, rockabilly’s, flapper girls and pin-ups. The Antwerp zoo is a beautiful location, and the marble ballroom made me want to know how to do all those difficult dances. The outside party area looked like a fair with hot dogs and cotton candy. There were festoon light strings, people drank champagne (not for me, I don’t drink. But I still impersonated Bubbles: “Champagne, champagne for everyone!), most students were dressed up according to the theme (of course there were the occasional “jeans and t-shirt will do right?”, but well, most people tried), the DJ played tunes from the past and mixed them with new tunes (very danceable!) and there was a sax player who gave us his best, there were flapper girls and rockabilly dancers who taught us dances, a juggler all amazed us with his tricks, etc. In short, it was a success. I love dressing up, especially when the theme is retro! I went full “fifties housewife” (Mad Men, give me a call) style and I endured my high heels until the end (very proud of myself). I wore a vintage dress with red roses on a white basis, blue noë pumps, pearls, and made a beehive in my hair (I only got about five minutes left to make this hairdo because we had to hurry). My friends all looked the part as well so we took a lot of pictures of each other (very curious about the result. I usually look like some sort of devilchild in pictures). We ended our partying with a brunch the following morning and said our goodbyes for the summer (we usually see each other every day, but in summer holidays everyone returns home and, unfortunately, we don’t see each other that often). Cheers to my friends, cheers to the summer, cheers to brunches, and cheers to the organization of Adream!

And now some music to end this day:

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (the entire cd is on youtube! How great is that?)

Leonard Cohen – Dance me to the end of love (someone made a fanvideo with a selection of Cary Grant movies where he’s dancing)

Ane Brun – Light from one (because it is magical. We saw her live a few months back and she is incredible!)

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