To the movies!

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I love watchting trailers and getting excited about new movie releases. I always feel like a kid (or a 21 year old) in a candyshop.
These are the movies I’m looking forward to (some of them are already released, but I haven’t found the time or had the chance to see them):

The Great Gatsby – Baz Luhrmann

why? The roaring twenties, Carey Mulligan, the clothes, the director (Moulin Rouge, Romeo+Juliet, Australia), based on a classic, bombastic, extravagance, etc.
comment: I have to get my hands on this novel and read it before the movie is released!

On the Road – Walter Salles

Why? I just finished reading the novel and I am VERY curious!, Kirsten Dunst is in it (indiemoviequeen), Elisabeth Moss (it will be weird seeing her as another character than Peggy), the jazz, the shots on the road, the fifties, etc.
comment: Will it be able to meet my expectations? I will let you know!

To Rome with Love – Woody Allen

Why? Firstly: WOODY, secondly: PENELOPE, thirdly: Roberto Benigni (“Principessa”). Then of course: Ellen Page, Rome, the Italian language, Penélope playing a prostitute, etc.
comment: the film isn’t exactly getting good reviews… But that never stops me.

Django UnchainedQuentin Tarantino

Why? Tarantino!, Tarantino doing a western! (Gotta be good), Leonardo DiCaprio as a crazy motherfucker, cowboy outfits, foul language, etc.

Laurence anyways – Xavier Dolan

Why? Wonderboy Xavier Dolan, his awesome soundtracks, awesome visuals, Canada, the trailer looks mighty good, Monia Chokri, etc.

One thought on “To the movies!

  1. Sara hier! Ik heb To Rome With Love gezien en het was echt HI-LA-RISCH !!
    Woody Allen is gewoon ‘the best’ 😀

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