Blog of my choice: Tales of Endearment

Tales of Endearment

An inspiring blog from a wonderful woman!

Tales of Endearment is a blog by Natalie Joos, a Belgian (national pride!) fashionista living in New York since 1997. She started her career as a personal assistant to Glenn O’Brien and later on as a studio manager for the photographer Craig McDean. In 2003 she started her own casting company and she soon built up an amazing clientele. Hugo Boss, Helmut Lang, Phillip Lim, Rocawear, etc. are on her list of clients and she has worked with famous photographers such as Mario Sorrenti, Paola Kudacki, Ben Watts, Chad Pitman and Greg Kadel. Natalie is a regular contributor to V and the Last Magazine and she has been commissioned casting agent at Hercules Magazine. Tales of Endearment tries to tell us tales about friends, vintage, love, style, and life and Natalie completes these stories with the most amazing pictures. I really enjoy reading her blog because of her open and honest perspective. She has an incredible eye for people and vintage and I would love to go shopping with her. She’s always finding unique people to hang out with and do a story about. She photographs them in their natural habitat (their houses, their villages, their favourite vintage shops) in order to really get a good idea about their style and personality. Natalie posts new items often so you can visit her blog daily and be amazed by all the stylish, talented people she knows and their beautiful clothes, houses, personalities and lives. This blog isn’t only for fashion addicts or vintage freaks, but also for people who are interested in photography, travelling, interior design, magazines, interesting stories, etc. There’s something for everyone!

Recently she has done a series of blog posts with pictures of her in different Chanel outfits in honour of the classical Chanel jacket. Her inspiration was the book The Little Black Jacket by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, but she personalised the idea and had the photographer/film maker Marianna Rothen shoot the pictures and a short film. The result is very beautiful and typical Natalie Joos: fashionable, cute, personal and with a quirky twist.

I suggest you all go see for yourself!

Her blog:

Her Vimeo profile:

The site of The Little Black Jacket:

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