Thesis Trance Tunes

I still have a lot of work today/tonight, but these tunes will help me through my “misery”!

Billy Joel – All for Leyna (always cheers me up!)

XTC – Dear God (Weeds is back! This was the song they used at the end. XTC is such a nice band)

Bat for Lashes – Glass (perfect trance song. I LOVE Bat for Lashes)

Sonic Youth – Superstar (Great Carpenters cover. Tonight I’ll be sleeping in my Sonic Youth PJ’s)

Mum – Moon Pulls (I saw them live this year and they were SO SO SO GREAT. Also perfect trance music)

Now I will sing to the muses and hope for some inspiration.
Goodnight, auf Wiedersehen, goedenacht, bonne nuit, goodbye, slaapzacht, sleep tight, farewell. I’ll be right here. Behind my laptop, typing away, wearing my Sonic Youth PJ’s, drinking tea, wishing it wasn’t so hot.

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