Got me a new toy!

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I found myself a new hobby!

Yes, that’s right, it’s Hula Hooping. Apparently this has been a hype for quite some time now: women (and men I guess) Hula Hooping for their lives as a way of losing weight and having fun while sporting. I didn’t enroll in any fitness Hula Hoop class (no time, and hell I’m not going to pay someone to make fun of me while I’m doing something that looks ridiculous – or at least when I do it), but I just bought a Hula Hoop at a sports store. I was actually buying hiking shoes, but when I saw this shimmering toy, I thought “hell yeah, this baby is coming home with me”. And no regrets so far! Hula Hooping is a great way to relax while I work on my thesis and the movement has a calming effect on me. All you have to do is keep the thing moving, which is not too hard (not too easy either) and you can basically do it anywhere. While I do it, my mind gets cleared and I focus on the rythm of my body (because otherwise the thing drops, and you don’t want that). It’s kind of an easy way to meditate. I recommend this activity to anyone who doesn’t have much time to relax/sport, doesn’t want to spend much money on a fitness instructor or sports equipment and doesn’t want to be seen while moving spastically (or if you DO want to be seen, you can do it in public of course, but that’s not for me). Now I’m secretely hoping that it turns out to be an effective sport, and get an extremely fit body, but I’ll keep jogging and working out with Tara Styles (check out her youtube channel, she’s so cute) just in case…

5 thoughts on “Got me a new toy!

  1. Hola Grace, killer outfit! Wat zou de Gofugyourself lady hier niet zoal op te zeggen hebben..
    Je gaat me dat trouwens toch eens mogen voordoen, want bij mij is het steeds twee hula’s en dan hooped hij naar de grond.

  2. De GoFugYourselfladies(!) zouden dit geweldig vinden: het is over the top en includes glitters 😀 en haha ik vrees dat er niet veel aan te leren valt. Je moet gewoon oefenen en het juiste ritme vinden. I’m sure you can do it!

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