Promote your friends day

I don’t know if there is such a thing as “promote your friends day”, but I believe there should be one! I have decided that today is that day. This is also an invite to tell me about your talents, so I can promote some more friends!

Enjoy my talented/inspiring friends!

This young singer/songwriter is still studying, but in his free time he makes wonderful music like the following (new!) song

This creative young man got inspired by a picture of a kid dressed as a Propeller and made a fictive soundtrack for the superhero Propeller Girl. Not sure how to call this kind of music, but it’s rad

My most fashionable friend with the prettiest red hair (jealous, I admit) has a Tumblr full of great music (because it’s always goodmusictime according to her), beautiful art and inspiring quotes. Go check it out!

The dandiest of all dandies is among my friends, and is willing to share his excellent taste with us! Hurrah!

I hope you all feel inspired. Have a great evening!

5 thoughts on “Promote your friends day

  1. Oooh ik heb ondertussen ook een tumblr! 🙂
    Beide liedjes zijn trouwens echt goed. Mijn complimenten!

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