Today is a good day!

My dearest readers,


– The sun is shining
– It’s my birthday (yay me)
– I already received some incredibly funny and sweet messages (also: thank you friends for wishing me a happy 18th birthday. Forever young)
– My boyfriend is coming back from vacation
– I’m packing for ISTANBUL
– I stumbled upon a really cool Tumblr

Who needs feminism? WE ALL DO.
Don’t freak out, I’m not a feminazi, or a bra-burning bitch (The Human Male is a wonderful species as well), but feminism is, unfortunately, still necessary these days. A big high five to all the men and women who participated in this project.

Yay, Rory! (ok, I know her real name is Alexis Bledel, but in my head she’ll always be Rory).

Furthermore, I would like to recommend watching the follwing movie (and since it’s my birthday, you all have to obey me):

The wonderful 1971 Harold and Maude, starring Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon. The soundtrack is also to die for: Cat Stevens all the way!

When I return from Istanbul I will probably (having returned to reality) freak out about the state of my thesis and start writing like crazy (or so I hope). But hey “We can do it!”.
Anyway… that are worries for when I return. First I’m going to enjoy my birthday (with lots of CAKE and PIE and OTHER JUMMY FOOD) and my holiday trip to the Bosporus.

Peace out

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