I’ve been resurrected!

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Hi everybody,

I’m back from a dark place (deadline for my master’s thesis) and ready to blog again.
It’s been about 15 days since I have returned form Istanbul, and have been sitting behind my computer everyday from dawn ’till dusk to finish my thesis. It has been a challenge, but I made it! (right before the deadline, my lay-out just went beserk and I had to do it all over again. Sigh).

Istanbul was really nice. We were there during Ramazan, which means that in the evening it was really crowded and everyone was picnicing in the parks and meeting up.
The mosques were so beautiful! Very impressing.
We also made a trip to the princes’ islands, which is something I can recommend everyone who visits Turkey.
The islands are traffic free which was appeasing after the chaos and mobility of Istanbul city. The only transport option was horse and cart. As compensation for not having cars, there are a lot of (electric) bicycles, but we opted for the horse and cart because of the heat!
The only problem we encountered was that there were only private beaches, which means you have to pay a lot of money to swim (something we did not do. We just dived into the water close to the restaurants and the port where there were no beaches). This really is a shame! It sort of dragged down the idyllic nature of the place. I hope that the government does something about these swindles!

Since I have finished F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Magnetism and Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals and have seen numerous beautiful movies, I will be writing some reviews (soon I promise) and posting them here.

In the meantime, go and sign the petition to free Pussy Riot! These three Russian girls have been sentenced to 2 years in a prison colony for hooliganism… Which is total BULLSHIT

And listen to this extremely catchy song:

I’ll be back for more!
Have a nice day
Enjoy the sunshine

I’ll be reading the letters from Abelard and Heloise (so far, so good. The only problem is that I don’t like Abelard. He was a show-off first class and a bit pervy too).

One thought on “I’ve been resurrected!

  1. Ik vroeg me al af waar je gebleven was! Istanbul lijkt me trouwens een hele mooie plek. Mijn familie is daar ooit eens geweest toen mijn grootouders zoveel jaar getrouwd waren, maar helaas was ik nog niet geboren. 😦 In elk gevaam ga ik er ooit wel eens heen! Oh, en ik ben benieuwd naar de review van eating animals, dan wee ik meteen of ik tot mijn achttiende moet wachten voor ik het lees, want tot dan beslist la mamma wat de pot schaft 🙂

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