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Yep, I loved it!

Magnetism by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a collection of four short stories (‘The Sensible Thing’, The Bridal Party, Magnetism, and Bernice Bobs Her Hair). I have the Penguin “Great Loves” version, which is so so beautiful.

I especially loved the last one, which was a story about two nieces who were very different. Bernice is a wealthy young girl from Eau Claire, Wisconsin who goes to visit her cousin Marjorie during the holidays.
Marjorie is a popular girl who goes to a lot of parties and has a handsome boyfriend. Her niece, Bernice, on the other hand is not used to this kind of social behavior and feels like a misfit between these youngsters. Marjorie, who thinks the main problem is that her niece is a bore and a drag on her own social life, suggests that she gives her a make-over and some lessons on how to be interesting and flirtatious. This is really painful for Bernice, who also overheard Marjorie and her mother talk about her lack of social skills. But, Bernice turns out ot be a pro in being mysterious and flirtatious and soon becomes the life of the parties which the nieces attend. Bernice, at Marjorie’s advice, tells everyone who wants to hear it that she is going to bob her hair, and that everyone who feels like it can watch.
I’m not going to ruin the story by spilling the beans, but I can tell you that this situation brings out the worst in both Bernice and Marjorie.
I loved that this little story captures the jealousy and meannes between young girls so well. And of course the usual Fitzgerald characters: bored rich people, attending parties and making each others lives miserable are as interesting as always.
Apparently this story was made into a short TV production with Bud Cort and Shelley Duvall! I must get my hands on this. I bet it’s really good.

Yay, I finished another of my “awesome reading list” books.
I will admit that I have not finished the letters of Abelard and Heloise because I absolutely detested the Abelard character. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to finish it, but it won’t be this summer because I have so much other nice books to read.

I already started reading The Great Gatsby and I’m hooked! The characters are so interesting and I love the way it is narrated.
Hopefully I can find the time to finish it soon, so I can write a praising review.

A dreamy Patrick Watson song for you

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