Let’s plan a Girls’ Night

Girls’ Night

I’m sorry boys, but this post will be about the perfect ingredients for a girls’ night or a sleepover. However, I won’t judge you if after reading this blogpost, you all get together for your own secret girl’s night.
Besides make-up, nail polish, weird looking & sweet smelling facemasks, magazines, your favourite foods and drinks, cute pajamas, baking stuff, sweet sweet nostalgic music, DIY craft things, and a room full of pillows you will need kick-ass movies or series to watch after losing your voice – because of all the hysterical laughter and horrifying yelling – and being too tired to bake or be crafty. (If you’re Girls’ Night has a theme, which would be awesome, the movie or series you’re watching should/could match the theme. You’re theme could even be a series or movie. Which would be even more awesome, because then you can all dress up as your favourite character and gloat when you turn out to be the best look-a-like).

Choosing which movies or series shouldn’t be too hard, but in case you’ve totally run out of ideas, here’s a list you can choose from. Of course, this list includes my personal favourite Girls’ Night movies and series which means that it is in no way perfect or complete (I’ve also tried to exclude movies or series which are really good, but do not fit the Girls’ Night theme). Suggestions are welcome! (although I dislike Gossip Girls and Sex and the City, so there is a reason for not including them). I am warning you… some of these movies or series included in my list are not “High Brow” … some of them are corny, some of them are over the top, some of them are not to be talked about in public. But you know…whatever! On a Girls’ Night, everything is possible and Taste with a capital T isn’t important. It’s all about enjoying and celebrating our girliness.


– Mean Girls (O Lilo, what happened to you? You used to be funny. You used to have really pretty hair).
– Cry Baby (Johnny Depp when he was young. Although I’m still mad at him for breaking up with Vanessa, I really want to re-watch this crazy parody musical again).
– Easy A (Emma Stone, you’re a goddess. And so damn funny).
– Clueless (Girls’ Night classic).
– Moonrise Kingdom (because I love Wes Anderson and this is SO CUTE).
– Mermaids (Cher in a mermaid costume + it’s from 1990, my year of birth).
– 10 Things I Hate About You (Another Girls’ Night classic + Heath Ledger. I will mourn forever).
– Pretty in Pink (Yep, a classic as well).
– Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Some hot piece of Marilyn + a very gay water ballet).
– Some Like it Hot (Marilyn, again).
– The Long, Hot Summer (Paul Newman as the almost-naked bad boy, need I say more?)
– Grease (To sing along).
– Love Acutally (It’s British. It’s funny. It’s British.)
– The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (This movie actually sucks. But it sucks so much that it becomes funny again. I guarantee weeks of mocking laughter when talking about this movie. I also guarantee crazy ideas about sharing granny underpants. Also notice Blake’s nose! Pre-nose job…).


– Desperate Housewives (Decide who’s who and cheer for your alter ego).
– Awkward (only when you’re friends are ok with a lot of cringe moments. Mine aren’t).
– New Girl (Zooey ❤ )
– Weeds (Nancy, I love to hate you and hate to love you + Silas, hot damn).
– Girls (my new addiction. Girls can – of course – be funny too!).
– Pushing Daisies (because the pie maker is sweet as a pie and we all want Chuck's hair and dresses)

Enjoy your Girls’ Night Girls and Boys!

4 thoughts on “Let’s plan a Girls’ Night

      • Uh, please don’t say that. Can’t we have one in Antwerp – were ALL of your friends can meet up?

        We need to have a Disney night too though. Perhaps a list for that is in order!

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