Clumsy Me


So… I spilled water on my keyboard. On my new, beautiful, cute little laptop’s keyboard. Yes I feel incredibly stupid.
It was actually not my fault. I’m blaming the cable of my mouse! It had wrapped itself around my glass of water without my consent and when I tripped over this cable, my glass was catapulted into the air and its content fell all over me, the floor, and my laptop. Stupid cable.
Anyway, this means my blogging is slowed down a bit since I don’t have my own computer to work on for now.

Instead of blogging, I’ll do my homework (sigh) and read books (I just started In Cold Blood and it’s already great).

Here are some tunes to keep you occupied during my absence (or you could do useful stuff… haha).

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to “treat myself” because I miss my own laptop.

p.s. Parks and Recreation is the best!

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