My Name is Lotte Gilmore

Photo Credit: The WB Television Netwerk

I started rewatching one of my all-time favorite TV shows, Gilmore Girls, and I’m falling in love all over again. O sweet nostalgia.

Lorelai Gilmore, adopt me please.

Here’s a list of typical Gilmore things that also apply to me (and some of my friends. Waw, we could be a really cool Gilmore family. I see a future in this).

– In stressful times, eat chocolate & cake (also works when times are normal and you just feel like eating)

– Replace the Gilmore coffee addiction by a tea addiction and tadaah, that’s me.
– Obsessed/in love with literature. Rory takes her books everywhere.
– They don’t work out (carrying around heavy books, however, is a sport in itself)
– Constantly quoting (famous) writers and pop culture
– Wearing weird/inappropriate outfits (yes, Lorelai, I’m talking to you)
– Rory is always being annoyingly punctual. I kind of am too. Sorry (but not really, THIS IS A GOOD THING).

Both features are combined in this video:

– Rory wanting to become a journalist.
– Sarcasm & absurd humor. Poor other people, they can’t always laugh about these jokes… Oh well.

– They’re stubborn and strong.
– Yeah, here I go again. They’re totally FEMINISTS. In the non-freaky, really cute as well as powerful and independent meaning of the term.
– They can be a tad irrational sometimes.
– They come from this little town (Stars Hollow in their case). I do too! (not too proud of this fact though).
– My eyes are blue. No one would notice that I’m not actual family (hm, they’re fictional characters, so technically this doesn’t matter, but still).
– Rory (Alexis Bledel) looks like a sixteen year old during all the episodes. I can’t say I have coined the mature look either.
– They love snow. I wish I could smell the first snow as well!

– They watch movies in their PJ’s while eating ice-cream and other junk food. Is there a better activity possible?
– They giggle.
– They want to backpack through Europe (well, I live in Europe, so add America, Australia and Asia to that list. And in case Emily feels like spending, she can book some nice hotels with a spa too…).
– They talk a lot. And really fast. Deadly combination (only not for us, Gilmores, we understand each other).
– They take on different obsessions and they can be quite intense in their friendships.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten tons of things, but I’ve only just started rewatching this awesome show. I can’t wait to work myself through all the seasons!

7 thoughts on “My Name is Lotte Gilmore

  1. “Carrying around heavy books, however, is a sport in itself”. Amen. Ik ga een chocolade muffin eten met het verzameld werk van Goethe onder mijn arm. Dat heft elkaar op hé!

  2. Ik hoop dat je een plekje aan de Gilmore Clan tafel hebt vrij gehouden voor mij, the one who rubbed off her reborn obsession onto you? All the things you just named: indeed on top of the list of what makes Lorelai² so darn lovely and alluring.


    (mid-season three by now.. oh the addiction)

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