It’s Sunday. The weather is sad.

Hi y’all,

Although studying and finishing schoolwork isn’t my favorite waste of time, it does give me the chance to sit around the house in my pyjamas, read books and listen to music to relax, drink tea, and surf the world wide web. Panic and stress also creep up on me, but procrastination is still my friend. If anyone has any tips on how to be motivated and concentrated while everyone else is enjoying the Christmas spirit, do tell me!

Yesterday I went to the postponed concert of Yeasayer and it was SUCH fun!
They know how to throw a party.

Rookie Mag. always offers great articles and ideas.
These articles were the ones I liked best last week:

On how to thrift your gift:

They call Kate Bush “literally the best thing ever”, and I agree:

“Hanging out with Juliiet Capulet”, because she’s a hopeless romantic, yay:

Vanity Fair‘s oral history of Freaks and Geeks:

freaks and geeks

I’ve recently watched this show and I love it. If you haven’t watched it, and you’re into highschool dramedies, Judd Apatow, James Franco (!), the eighties, outcasts, and great life lessons, you should watch it now!

Basically everything on Jezebel is awesome:

Don’t be a woman if you want to write:

About the rise of women and how it’s not the fall of men:

Portlandia stays funny. Plus, this song is really really catchy:

How cool is the quirky item of the week on The Daily Quirk? I want this Book Rest Lamp so bad!

MUSIC, maestro

Great New Order cover

You guys, Eline D. did it again! (by “it” I mean “making an awesome, wonderful, beautiful painting)
Eline D.

Back to work! (ugh)

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