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Girls is an HBO dramedy about young twenty-something girls living in New York City and finding out what they want to do with their lives. Being typical Generation Y creatures, the finding out goes slowly and is paid for by mommy and daddy (until they cut you off that is).  The show is created by Lena Dunham: she writes, directs and stars in the show. Very Auteur! Very sincere! Before you read anymore, be aware: spoilers ahead!

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  1. My favorite character is Shosh (because of her naivete and energy. I wrote this when I finished season 1, but in season 2 I started to dislike Marnie more and more. I don’t think that for me it has to do with the actrice, but more with her choices and egotism. (Although I still think she’s a recognizable character and I even recognize myself in some of her annoying traits)

  2. She’s an annoying character, but it makes sense for her to be there. She’s like the Ted/Ross/Leonard of HIMYM/Friends/TBBT, but given the nature of the show, with a different depth. But the actress, despite being beautiful is just too bland. I don’t know, some facial expressions give me kristenstewartis.
    And I like Ray because I can identify with his view on life and his general looserness to him.

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