Promote yet another friend day!

Today, I want you guys to get to know my (blogger)friend Lore and her awesome blog The Sunday Blah a little better. More luck for the non Dutch speaking readers this time, because Lore also writes in English!


1. Why did you start a blog?

As a journalism student I get a lot of writing assignments. I really like writing, but for schoolwork you don’t get to pick your subjects. That’s why I started my blog: to write about exactly what I want to write about.

2. Describe your blog

My blog is mostly about things that caught my eye and that I’m interested in. There isn’t a real delineation of my subjects. My writing style is quite informal, I’d like my blog to have a personal touch.

3. What do you do when you’re not blogging?

Well, I live my life of course. I go to school, have fun with friends , go to my student job. I also have a long-distance boyfriend, that takes up quite a bit of time in traveling and skyping. When I have time I also like to watch some good tv shows or read a book. But to be honest I also spend a lot of time aimlessly browsing the internet.

4. Who is your biggest supporter(s) regarding your blogger activities?

Since I’ve only just started I think the number of people reading my blog is rather small. But I always get nice feedback from miss waystomakeyousee herself and my BF (not the most objective feedback though 😉 )


Lore the sunday blah

1. Describe yourself in less than 15 words

Likes to talk, also listen, curious, friendly, open-minded, slightly adventurous, looking for a life-goal.

2. Your 3 favorite novels

A prayer for Owen Meany – John Irving
Irving is my favorite author, I love his epic stories and curious characters. I’m slowly working my way through his work because after reading an Irving novel I need a break before reading a new one.

The Secret History- Donna Tartt

The Harry Potter series – J.K. Rowling
I loved the Harry Potter series and have read some of them an embarrassing amount of times.

3. Your favorite quote

“At the end of your life it’s better to say ‘oh well’ than ‘what if’. “ I have no idea who said this first, I’ve probably read it online somewhere but it describes the way I’d like to live my life.

4. Your 3 favorite singers/bands

Lykke Li, Arcade Fire, Johnny Cash

5. Your favorite food

Sushi, thai, anything that’s eaten with chopsticks

6. Your 3 favorite movies

Le fabeuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, True Romance, Thelma & Louise (and my ultimate guilty pleasure: Titanic)

7. Your 3 favorite TV series

Borgen, Planet Earth, Miranda

Classic moment! “What have you done today to make me feel proud?”

8. Your favorite evening activities

Watching a series, having a nice dinner with family/friends/boyfriend, going out

9. Your favorite morning activities

Sleeping in, Showering, Eating breakfast while reading the newspaper

10. Your favorite color


11. Your favorite celebrity

The character Birgitte Nyborg from Borgen although that technically maybe isn’t a celebrity

12. Your favorite kind of trip abroad

I like travelling in any form really. City trip, backpacking, beach holiday, skiing..

13. Your favorite citytrip city?

Have done: New York. On top of my wishlist: Stockholm

14. Your favorite work of art

One: number 31 by Jackson Pollock. When I saw this in real life in the MOMA it made a big impression on me.

One: number 31

15. Is there anything you’d like to add?

I always find it hard to list up favorites but it was fun to do. Like an oldschool friendship book.

Thanks for filling out these questions and keep on writing!

Glad to hear that most of my bloggerfriends are into sushi and Scandinavia… I suggest a “talking about blogstuff and eating suhi” – trip to Scandinavia any time soon!

I bet you’re all really curious about Lore’s blog now. I won’t torture you any longer:

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