Tunes to Hula to

Lately, I’ve been feeling really unfit and out of shape. Being a journalism student doesn’t require much exercise (most of the time it’s sitting behind your laptop or in front of an interviewee with tea and cookies). I told myself that I’d go running again when the weather was nice enough. But since the world appears to be ending and it’s never ever going to be warm again, I took up my Hula Hoop instead.


My Hula Hoop in my natural habitat

Remember my post on Hula Hooping?

Hula Hooping is SUCH FUN

– It relaxes me
– It feels soooo good on my sore back
– I burn calories while having fun
– My Hula Hoop shimmers: kitsch galore!
– It’s a great excuse to listen to music while “working out”

Hula gif

I haven’t tried vacuuming while Hula Hooping yet – because I’m not that good at it to be honest. I lack the ability to move rhythmically + I’m not that fit – but it looks awesome.

Tunes to Hula to

When I’m working out, I need upbeat tunes or tunes that get me into a trance. These songs do the trick for me:

What do I hypothetically wear whilst Hula Hooping? (In real life I just wear whatever the hell I’m wearing. I don’t change my outfit before I start Hula Hooping)

Hula Hoop

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