Fashion with Character: Daisy Buchanan of ‘The Great Gatsby’

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F. Scott Fitzgerald described the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, who is the love interest of Jay Gatsby in his American classic The Great Gatsby, as a flapper girl. Since the highly anticipated adaptation for the screen by Baz Luhrmann will finally be released on May 10th, Daisy’s flapper look is again hot this summer. A style that’s almost a hundred year’s old becomes the latest fashion thanks to Luhrmann’s movie. Let’s take a look at this interesting style.

A little history lesson

The flapper girl, a phenomenon of the Roaring Twenties, is a term used to describe young women who bobbed their hair, listened to jazz and flouted the “decent” social and sexual norms. Fitzgerald himself, who popularized the flapper look and lifestyle, described flapper girls as “lovely, expensive, and about nineteen”
There is some doubt about the etymology of the word. Some of the possible origins of the word are:

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