Some things of the day

It’s that time of year again: Finals. I won’t bore you with the details, because you probably all know how tedious studying can be. I can, however, share with you some of my recreational activities. Apart from running, going to Yoga class, reading, and sleeping, I spend a lot of time on the internet watching Youtube/Vimeo clips and listening to music. Below you can find a list of things I found on the internet.

For all of the students struggling with studying and writing papers: hang in there, it’s almost over!

Run Cinema Run

The video-essay “Run Cinema Run” collects about thirty cinematic running scenes. Of course they included the famous scene in The Graduate where Benjamin runs to the church, but also some scenes from French Nouvelle Vague films, Forrest Gump, Shame, Jules et Jim, and many more. The editor of this videoclip tries to show us that running can be a metaphor, and that whilst running, a lot of emotions can be shown. Check it out!

Faces: 105 of Cinema’s Most Beautiful Close-Ups

Flavorwire collected 105 beautiful Close-Ups. Although some of them aren’t actual Close-Ups, but rather medium shots, I still very much like this list.

Exams equals insanity

When I’m studying for my finals, I get a little crazy. Like my dear Dean Pelton (Community), I love making every little banal thing I do into a song.

Some thoughts on studying for your finals from my beloved Gilmore Girls


Time to get back to my books! I say goodbye with some songs:


4 thoughts on “Some things of the day

  1. Hi Lotte!

    Thank you very much to host my video here (Run Cinema Run)! Very interesting blog! Good luck with your studies! (I graduated in Film Studies me too)

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