Cherry Glazerr: young, punk and fierce

Frontgirlnotyetawoman Clementine Creevy (also known as as Clembutt), bassist Sean Redman, and drummer Hannah Uribe form the L.A. based band Cherry Glazerr. I’m pretty sure they’re the age of my younger imagined sister, but they rock as if you wouldn’t believe it.  They’re going be great, I assure you.

Hedi Slimane (Saint Laurent), Tavi Gevinson (Rookie Magazine), Tashaki Miyaki and Grimes have called themselves fans. Do I need to say more? No I don’t have to, but I will – mainly because I love talking. The lyrics of Cherry Glazerr are hilarious, scary, feminist, playful and youthful. Just the way my inner teenager likes it. cherry glazerr 2

Album: ‘Haxel Princess’

Fun fact: They named themselves after Chery Glaser from KCRW (host of Morning Edition)

Sounds like: punk, garage rock, dream pop, aggressive teens

cherry glazerr


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